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FENG is a very serious man. He understands what smiling is though has never experienced it himself. Creating makes him happy, seriously . Traveling and photographing the world, people thought he might have smiled at least once, but they were wrong. He was just frowning while casually doing a handstand. 

When FENG is alone working on creating content for brands, people assume he's smiling because of the upbeat vibe of his work. They are wrong . He usually looks like he’s writing the obituary for cartoon characters that people stopped remembering. Its very serious work . 

FENG doesn’t give high fives , he gives incredibly sober fives. 

FENG has traveled across the world as a Creative Director for SkyBlu (LMFAO) and the Dominic Show. He's directed the world famous Emmy winning Quest Crew, and he's also photographed himself eating a chocolate croissant while frowning at the Eiffel Tower. Twice. He has freelanced for Urban Outfitters, PublishBrand, and Sprayground. He’s photographed the likes of Soulja Boy, The Game, and Gallantis. FENG’s been doing all of this while working on growing his seriously bitchin’ beard. 

He enjoys his whiskey straight and his coffee black, his clothes fresh and his baggage light. He enjoys his weather dry much like he enjoys his humor. 


The worlds most serious man 

“it’s seriously not that serious”